Delivery and Refund / Returns

Full refund is issued if items returned are undamaged

Customers are our first priority and we put our best foot forward to keep them satisfied. We work towards maintaining the top most quality and take the feedback of our customers at regular intervals. In any rare case, if the customers are not satisfied by the delivery made by us they can claim the refund. Please refer to our return policy prior to that.

Customers need to report about the pills if they are not satisfied with The return policy is governed by the regulation of consumer contracts pertaining to the information, cancellation and the additional charges which states that it necessary to inform the supplier about his grudge the very next day. In such a case we are liable to issue the full return. You just need to pay the delivery charges incurred by us.

Just in case if you unseal any item which is sealed for health and hygiene it will not be returned. In case of any damage done to the items we have the right to deduct the refund issued. If the item returned by you is not in the state where it can be resold then you are not entitled get refund.

How would you return the items?

The product can be returned if you are unsatisfied by the post. You need to notify us that you want to return those items.

Refunds policy

Your refunds will be processed when you receive the returned items. We credit refunds back to the same account from which we receive the payment. It takes a working day to do us so.


If you are unsatisfied with the delivery made by us and want to return the same to us in an intact condition. We want to make it very clear that we will pay you only on the condition if no damage is done to the product. So, make very sure that all the items that you return should be in good condition.

All the orders would be shipped through FedEx Overnight by ups DHL. Shipment is done merely in two hours once they are approved and verified by the sales executive on the phone. We mail order number and tracking number to our customers. You are also provided with a tracking number that enables you to track the shipment of products. You are also provided with an order status in 3 working hours. You should also get the order verified as soon as you place it. The product gets delivered once the customer care executive verifies the product.

We are aimed towards delivering only the best quality and genuine medicines. Just in case if you are dissatisfied by them in any way you can return the same and get the full refund as per our policy.