How are the orders shipped?

we ship medicine without prescription shipping from USA by FedEx overnight next day, and we also use USPS DHL shipping its takes time 4 business days to come to your address, if order shipped on the weekend that is on Saturday then the order will be dispatched on Monday so you can get Tuesday.

Do the exported have the same quality pills?

All the drugs manufactured with an utmost precision in our laboratories. So, the medicines transported by the USA to USA or medicines sold by us are manufactured in the United States with FDA certification.

Does import of medicines legal?

Yes, it is. medicines are legal we have a doctor to write prescriptions free of charge, then we ship medicine so it's totally legit we ship medicine anywhere.

Can your drugs have any harmful side effects?

drugs are absolutely safe and do not have any harmful side effects. We sell only FDA approved medicines, You can rely on us to get only the safest possible and genuine medicines at reduced rates.

How orders shipped?

Our three shipping centers deliver FedEx overnight next day, USPS Postal DHL Service is some of our preferred carriers, the medicines at your doorstep conveniently and quickly.

When would I receive my medicine?

It takes overnight business day by FedEx for the packet to reach your address. The packet can be shipped by USPS its take 4 business days at your address.

Can my order be tracked via the same tracking number?

Yes. You can track your order anytime by visiting depending on the mode of shipment. Track your order using the tracking code number given to you.